Saturday, December 2, 2006

Exercise-43 minutes w/Susan(not counting stretching at the end)

Today I went to Maries and we did Susan Powters Lean Fit and Healthy. This video is LONG. 43 minutes of straight cardio. I had trouble keeping my arms going at full speed, and sometimes going at all, but we both worked our butts off! Unfortunately, not literally.

I think that I want to stop putting my weight on this. Instead, I want to put my measurements up. but first, a mesauring tape must be purchased! Maybe today.

My friend Paul sent me some interesting health articles in the last week. In them, I learned that I shouldn;t necessarilly be eating low fat or fat free salad dressing. Apparently you need fat with the salad in order to absorb all of the nutrients. The secret is to just not DRENCH you salad in the regular dressing. Too bad! I love drenching my salad.