Monday, November 13, 2006

Weight- 210.5
Exercise- 35 minutes cardio/weights

I have no idea how many calories i consumed today because i went to see a movie(stranger than fiction-it was good!) and ate cheese fries, corndog nuggets, and had a mt dew. I have no idea the serving size i ate so i have no idea the amount of calories in it. Knowing how many calories are in one ounce of "American Cheese Food" (94) I would have to guess that at about 300 calories. This was at a Nathans, and a regular Nathans fries have 547 calories, I had a large, so lets guess that at 700 calories. And the Nathans corndog nuggets are 351. Mt Dew is 270 calories for a regular bottle, and that is probably a little less than I had at the theater so I will guess that at 350. So in that one indulgence I had probably 1750 calories. Needless to say this was a horrible day for me foodwise.

In better news, I have now exercised 4 out of the last 5 days which is about a new personal best for me. My butt hurts when i walk a little, mt arms feel like jello, and if i do one more squat I might fall over, but it feels GOOD. It feels good to finally be active. I just hope I keep it up. Scratch that, I know I will keep it up. After all, I am a future size 8!

I did a new exercise video today(not new, but new to me). It's Susan Powters Burn Fat and Get Fit. It has a slightly intense warm-up. Once you get into the video it is 3 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of strangth training back and forth. I will say that she has the modifications in this one, but I was able to ALMOST do it without modification. There were a few parts where you were moving your arms up and down during the cardio, then went to the weights, then back to the up and down in the cardio and my arms just needed a minute to rest. So i did some of it at halftime, and some with no arms, but I tried really hard to only modify when i NEEDED to, as opposed to when i WANTED to. If I had done what I wanted I would never have gotten off the couch in the first place!

The other thing I got in the mail today is the Biggest Loser Comlete Calorie Counter. And it came just in time because it jsut HAPPENS to have nathans calories counted in it. So now I know exactly how many calories I consumed at the movies. I really wish I had this book BEFORE I went to the movie. If I had, there is no WAY I waste 1,000 calories on cheese fries. Oh well. Too late now. Next time i will consult the book before I eat instead or regretting it later.

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Paul said...

You ate all that bad stuff? It's all deep fried in oil!
As long as you keep thinking it's fun, you will keep exercising. That's great!