Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Weight- 210.5
Exercise- 35-40 minutes cardio/weight training intervals

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. I worked out last night with my friend Marie, and I could definitely feel the effects of the previous days of exercise. My arms felt like they were about to fall off from the beginning of the video instead of halfway through. I had to modify the exercises much more than I had the days previously. Today my shoulders ache, my butt muscles are sore, my inner thighs hurt, and my upper back muscles feel abused. It kind of sucks to hurt like this, but at the same time, it feels good to know that I was finally this active.

I think I will be taking today off from exercising though. If it hurts too much to even raise my arms all the way I don;t see how I could have an effective workout. Maybe I will jsut do a few minutes of ab work(the one muscle group that isn't yet sore) and call it a day.


*sara* said...

im so proud of you for being active..i wish i was that motivated..especially since when i look at myself i want to BARF. that cant be healthy. but im also SO im so busy with everything else, i cant figure out how to make more time. this week in cincinnati, i was pretty active--walkin all over the convention hall all day, and down the street at least twice a day to the hotel and lunch..but i also ate mostly fast that sucked. we're hanging out in...3 days

Paul said...

Did you take the whole weekend off from exercise too? I ran around a little bit, playing with a kid. Are you going to exercise tonight?